Uninoco / Concept

- Concept - A new age of specimen collection: “sea urchin bones.”

The sea urchins are covered in spines in order to protect themselves from enemies. Have you ever imagined what is hidden beneath the spikes are the most beautiful bone structures you might have yet to see?

The colorful bones are purely the creation of nature with no artificial touch. Uninoco presents you with the beautiful sea urchin bones, displayed with our original holders made with elastomeric material, and completes the look of a mushroom shape interior collection.

- Modeling - Mushroom like holder

The stem that appears to be like mushroom is done through the aid of computer graphic.
Although 3D printing technique has been use in the past production, the cast has been reproduce through the 3D print, and made it more budget friendly for mass reproduction. Also after the modeling renewal, the part that holds the sea urchin has turn from three branches to five. This change does not only provide a more stable position for the sea urchin on top, but also fits the pentaradial symmetry shape sea urchin perfectly. The design does not only provide a fitting structure for the sea urchin but also stand on its own as the shape of a life form on its own.

CG Modeling Motonobu Kawashima / MomomoWorks, Inc.

- specimen - Made to perfection

Uninoco is more than a toy; it is made to perfection as a scientific specimen.
Its label has information such as academic name, Japanese name, and its origin.

The label is made of brass with the description curved in by etching, providing a sense of three dimensional touches.
You can also enjoy a separately sold glass dome, designed specifically for Uninoco, made by hand blown glass one by one.

We believe that these small but careful considerations to details are essential part in making the product a real specimen you would love for a long time.