Unimaru / Concept

- Concept - Vibrant colored sea urchin bones preserved in acrylic resin

Sea urchins are covered in spines in order to protect themselves from enemies. But did you ever imagine that hidden beneath those spines is the most beautiful bone structure you’ve ever seen? These unpainted, naturally colorful sea urchins have been enclosed inside acrylic resin in order to preserve the fragile bones. Then our artisans carefully smooth them into an oval shape, providing a unique perspective from which to observe the bone structure. This is Unimaru.

- Package -

Sea urchins are captured on the sea floor and sealed in all their glory within a stunning navy-blue package. The textured paper on the surface of the package mimics the rough corrugations of the sea urchin shell, providing a tangible link to the creature embalmed within.

The lid features a silver leaf print inspired by the unique design of the sea urchin shell. The shifting pearl-colored reflections from the silver leaf evoke the gentle buffeting from the ocean waves on the surface of the sea.