Sola cube / History

Brand history of sola cube


Sola cube was created under the concept of nature’s wonder and beauty. The initial creator is the founder of Usagi no Nedoko Inc. Koichi Yoshimura. By this early period, many plants including dandelion’s prototypes have been thought out and created with numerous types of seeds, fruit and flowers.


A systematic production process has been form, and the Sola cube brand site has been established. Shortly after, online shop has been launched.


The production process of dandelion cube has been readjusted and refined and began its sell to the general public through our online shop. The Sola cube series has also begin to enter the wholesale market domestically.


Starts wholesale to the American market.


Open our first directly managed store "Usagi no Nedoko" in Kyoto, Japan.


Our first exhibition "Nature Art Exhibition" in gallery KISSA.


Sola cube Micro, Sola cube Mineral debut. Attended NY NOW.