Inn / Sightseeing


Usaginonedoko is located at the center of tourists’ favorite places such as Kyoto station.
Please refer to the information for the nearest train station or bus station.
It is 3 min walk from Nishiooji Oike station, 8 min from Nijo station, and 5 min from Nishioji Sanjo station.

Take the JR Saiin Line from Nijo Sta.

Kyoto Sta.

Nijo Sta.(JR Saiin Line / 6 min.) => Kyoto Sta.


Nijo Sta.(JR Saiin Line / 10 min.) => Saga-Arashiyama Sta.

Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine

Nijo Sta. (JR Saiin Line / 6 min.) => Kyoto Sta. (JR Nara Line / 6 min.) => Inari Sta.

Take the Subway Tozai Line from Nishioji Oike Sta.

Pontocho-dori Street / Kiyamachi-dori Street

Nishioji Oike Sta. (Tozai Line / 9 min.) => Sanjyo Keihan Sta.

Gion / Yasaka Shrine

Nishioji Oike Sta. (Tozai Line / 10 min.) => Higashiyama Sta.

Nijo Castle

Nishioji Oike Sta. (Tozai Line / 3 min.) => Nijojo mae Sta.

Nishiki ichiba

Nishioji Oike Sta. (Tozai Line / 7 min.) => Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Sta.

Take a bus from Nishioji Oike

Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion)

Nishioji Oike Sta. (Bus No. 205 to Kitaoji Bus Terminal Via Kinkakuji Temple / 13 min.) => Kinkakuji-michi

Kiyomizudera Temple

Nishioji Oike Sta. (Bus No. 202 to Kumano-jinja Shrine Via Enmachi / 36 min.) => Kiyomizu-michi

*The time shows the estimated time required by each public transportation. Please check the timetable separately. *Time to destination by bus is the estimate. The road is often congested during the top season.