Usagi no Nedoko Kyoto / About

On 2015 September 14, we opened a new cafe in addition to our facilities of the shops and lodging.
We are hoping more guests would casually enjoy the beauty of the structure made by the nature.
Museum-like atmosphere surrounded by a various natural structure such as minerals, plants and bones specimen awaits you as you enjoy the food and drinks which are cooked to show the food ingredients’ natural beautiful color, shape and taste.
We have various menus for lunch, teatime and dinner at your service.

Opening hours : 11:00AM-19:00PM (Order stops at 18:00PM)
Holidays : Thursdays (please check our website for temporally close during the yearend)
Tables : 30 seats
Phone number : 075-366-6668
Wi-Fi : Free Wi-Fi available

*Please check our website or Facebook before arrival in case we should be temporary closed.
(We are usually open except the year end and New Year holiday)